Fabelkrêft (6+)

In which imagination and physique tease each other

Fabelkrêft goes international

Fabelkrêft is expressive theatre with lots of movement and little voice.

What’s wrong with Remmelt? He’s lying in a cupboard and it looks like he can’t move. But his eyes sparkle and he’s clearly enjoying himself. Joes doesn’t understand. He wants to play with Remmelt. And Remmelt doesn’t see the problem. He’s got a 1001 ideas in his head – but will Joes join in?


You’re really strong, but you haven’t got any Fabelkrêft.


Fabelkrêft … there’s no such thing.


See! Huge muscles. No imagination.

Tryater’s Fabelkrêft is a lively performance in which imagination and physique tease each other.

This year in March Fabelkrêft will be performed for schoolchildren in Sweden in Umea, Vännäs, Asele and Vilhelmina.

Contact and bookings
Jojanneke Braam
+31 58 2882335

Specifications Fabelkrêft

Duration: 50 minutes

Language: Dutch & Frysian (minimal usage of language). If requested an English version is available.

Crew: 2 actors, 1 technical member

Age: 6 – 10years

Genre: Theatre

Capacity: 80-100 visitors

Dimensions: 8m L x 8m W x 4m H

Costs: 1 performance €600 , 2 performances a day €1000,-  excl. accommodation (negotiable)

Education: Online dramaclass available


Tamara Schoppert | Michaël Bloos, Tijs Huys | Maria Dourron | Jan Bruinsma |


"Fabelkrêft: Strong without words (Lieke van den Krommenacker)"

— Leeuwarder Courant, 23 october 2012